Hide bundle from Shopify packing slips

Note that if you have Add bundle items as separate line items to orders? app setting disabled, then this help article should not be applicable to you.

By default, the dummy bundle and its bundle items are both displayed in an order’s Shopify Packing Slip.
Merchants may choose to hide the dummy bundle(s) from Shopify packing slips for operational purposes.

Firstly, update your dummy bundle SKUs in Shopify by appending them with an identifier such as “-BUNDLE”. An identifier is necessary for our liquid code down below to filter out these SKUs in the Shopify packing slip template.
notion image
Secondly, edit the Shopify packing slip template and add liquid code to filter out these SKUs that contain the “-BUNDLE” identifier.
From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery.
Under the Packing slip section, click Edit to edit the Packing slip template.
Search for the below snippet in your packing slip template:
{% for line_item in line_items_in_shipment %} <div class="flex-line-item"> <div class="flex-line-item-img">
And replace with:
{% for line_item in line_items_in_shipment %} <!-- BUNDLE KIT --> {% if line_item.sku contains "-BUNDLE" %} {% continue %} {% endif %} <!-- BUNDLE KIT --> <div class="flex-line-item"> <div class="flex-line-item-img">