Handling uneditable orders

Bundle Kit edits the (bundle) order to add the bundle items as separate line items. However sometimes this is not possible when Shopify marks the order as uneditable.

Reasons why an order is marked uneditable

Here are some reasons why Shopify may mark an order as uneditable:
  • Order was placed in a different currency to your store's currency (i.e. Multi-currency orders)
  • Order has local delivery as its shipping method
  • Order is created by a third-party app
  • Order is invalid (e.g. invalid customer address)
  • Order is more than 60 days old
  • Order is archived
  • etc.
Merchant may confirm the actual reason by manually editing the Shopify order - Shopify will prevent the edit with an error dialog explaining the reason.

How to handle uneditable orders?

There are 3 ways to handle uneditable orders:

1. Leave it as it is (i.e. do nothing)
Although the bundle items will not be added as line items to the order, the inventories of the bundle and bundle items would still be deducted accordingly as it normally would.

2. Enable the Create associated bundle items order app setting.
If enabled, Bundle Kit will automatically create a new associated bundle items order, which would contain:
  • the same customer details as the original uneditable order
  • a note that points to the original uneditable order
  • the associated bundle items as separate line items for fulfillment purpose
The original uneditable order is left unchanged as it may still contain non-bundle products that require fulfillment.
Original (Uneditable) Order
notion image
Associated Bundle Items Order
notion image
notion image
To enable this: go to Bundle Kit > Settings, find the Handling uneditable orders section and enable the Create associated bundle items order setting.
notion image
By default, this setting is disabled.