Creating a Mystery Box bundle

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a mystery box bundle called ‘Mystery Box of Fruits’ using Bundle Kit. You may apply the same concept in creating other forms of mystery box bundles.

First, create your dummy bundle product in Shopify.
→ Fill in the titledescriptionimages accordingly.
→ Leave out the priceavailable inventory and weight - these will later be calculated and set by Bundle Kit.
notion image
Make sure that Track quantity is enabled.
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Click Save to create the product.

Next, go to Bundle Kit and click on New Bundle from the top menu.
Step 1. Convert a product into a bundle, click on Select Product to find the Shopify bundle product you had just created and click on Convert into Bundle.
notion image
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Step 2. Add products to your bundle, for each variant of your bundle, click on Select Product Variants to add the individual bundle items (i.e. actual product variants from your Shopify store) that make up the said bundle variant.
In this case, we chose ‘Apple’, ‘Bananas’ and ‘Strawberry’ as the bundle items of our “Mystery Box of Fruits” bundle.
notion image
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Step 3. Create the bundle, click on Create Bundle to finalize the details.
Upon creating the bundle, Bundle Kit will synchronize the bundle details (total price, total available inventory, total weight etc.) with the underlying dummy bundle product in Shopify.
When a customer orders the bundle, Bundle Kit will automatically decrease the inventory levels of both the bundle and the bundle items sold in real-time.
Additionally, Bundle Kit will automatically add the individual bundle item SKUs as separate line items to the bundle order for ease of fulfillment.
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Hide bundle content from customer’s Order Status Page

By default, the dummy (bundle) product and its bundle items are individually displayed on the customer’s Order Status Page.
We may optionally hide the bundle items from this page in order to keep the bundle content a secret until fulfillment.

How to create an exclusive mystery box bundle?

An exclusive mystery box bundle is a bundle whose items are only purchase-able through the bundle.
This can be achieved by hiding the bundle items for sale on your storefront.
Learn how by following:
Hide bundle items on storefront